Our Process
Step 1

We do this by selecting the best raw materials and working with the best suppliers. Over the last year we have continuously improved our product and production process. With a fully trained quality control and quality assurance staff, we assure that the quality of our products are unsurpassed.

Step 2

To guarantee the optimal quality and burning duration, we perform regular in-house tests for all our charcoal products and ensure the results are in line with the highest standards in the market.

Step 3

MOTO briquettes lasted longer than other charcoal and burned almost as hot as the best we tested. The consistent size, shape and quality of the briquettes translate to consistently hot temperatures and long burn times.

Step 4

At BrightGreen Renewable Energy we always strive to deliver the best products and services to our customers. We continue to establish relationships within the charcoal industry.

Step 5

Our motivated sales team maintains sales support for every business deal. We respect deadlines to ensure on time delivery. Communication is the key and we know how to listen.

100% Natural

With no chemical additives or binders, MOTO Premium Charcoal Briquettes is made from 100% natural ingredients and is environmentally friendly.

High Heat

The heating value of MOTO Premium Charcoal Briquettes is 7500Kcal/Kg or better

Ash Residue

MOTO Premium Charcoal Briquettes leave only 6.5 % of its original mass behind as ash residue

Longer Burning

With minimized volatile matter, the burning time of MOTO Premium Charcoal Briquettes is prolonged to last over 5 hours.


At BrightGreen Renewable Energy , we believe that every Kenyan has a right to clean, green cooking fuel. Our role is to facilitate the shift to modern environmentally friendly charcoal. We aim to keep these institutions, homes, schools and businesses running, whilst conserving the environment. We are determined to satisfy this need by providing a consistent and reliable supply of green charcoal.