MOTO is not only cheaper, it is denser than regular wood charcoal (makaa). It burns longer and hotter than makaa. Therefore, less quantities are required to cook for longer periods.


MOTO is designed to make the cooking experience quick, clean and safe. It produces no smoke when burned, reducing the risk of getting respiratory tract infections and improving health outcome for MOTO users. No chemicals are used in the production. It is a 100% natural product and has no smell or taste.


At BrightGreen Renewable Energy we make sure we do everything in our power to guarantee a positive carbon footprint.

-By collecting and re-using waste, MOTO Charcoal Briquettes play a big role in helping to clean up our environment. To produce one tonne of MOTO, we collect at least 1.5 tonnes of waste.

-By providing an eco-friendly alternative cooking solution to charcoal users, MOTO plays a role in conserving our forests by facilitating homes and industries reduce their carbon footprint and save trees. One tonne of MOTO offsets 5 tonnes of trees which would have been cut to produce charcoal.

-Because MOTO is 100% natural product, the ash produced can be used as a chemical-free additive to soil to increase land fertility and crop production.

Promotes Kenya

Cleaning up the environments through removal of solid waste is one of our core activities. This activity employs large numbers of youth, who depend on it to support themselves and their families. Furthermore, our multi staged production process that includes technology in various stages of production (from sorting activity to final stage molding) also presents an opportunity for skilled labour workers whom we employ from within our community.

To address the problem of poor and inadequate access to green, clean, affordable fuel , we continue to innovate highly innovative yet simple, appropriate and affordable production systems to keep our costs low so as to meet our ultimate goal: To create low-cost green charcoal product. The low costs fuel help consumers save costs of energy.